15 best home remedies for panic attacks

best home remedies for panic attacks

If you are having of panic attacks or anxiety symptoms, then you always worry when will occur, the easiest way to deal with your problems is getting to prepare and learn how to deal with your problems, and here you can use the best home remedies for panic attacks to solve your anxiety or panic attack problems.

What is panic attacks?

Panic attacks is a mental illness that many people are worrying about an upset. It can be any issue like health, love, work, money and family. Most are very common problems, but you make take it seriously and become very stress about it.

What Panic Attacks Feel Like

Panic attacks symptoms?

* discomfort and follow by chest pain
* a racing heart
* short breath
* feeling of choking
* shaking
* feeling unreal
* sweating
* upset stomach

If you are having those feeling, then you are having anxiety disorder or panic attack, and it could start with stress and getting worse.

You can try medical drug or therapy, but here we are going to treat your panic attacks the natural way.

Best natural remedies for social anxiety panic attacks

1. breathing retraining

breathing retraining
You must start training your breath, learn how to breath slowing and calm your mind down. You will feel you are not getting enough air when panic attack, but you must pay attention and start breath slowing until you calm down. It starts with re-train your body to get used to it.

2. blueberries

It helps you calming down and relief stress.

3. chamomile tea

chamomile tea
It promotes to relax and there is the study that shows that patients with anxiety symptoms are taking chamomile tea for 8 weeks, and the result gets the better condition than a patient who did not take chamomile tea.

4. epsom salts

epsom salts
It helps calming down your stress and lower blood pressure too.

5. exercise

Exercise can relief your stress in the body and simply do it at least 3 times per week and minimum of 25 minutes per day. Besides that, exercise can improve your cognitive function system and healthier too.

6. green tea

green tea
It helps your body getting to relax, relief stress and reduces anxiety too.

7. lavender oil

lavender oil
Massage with lavender oil could lower systolic pressure and relief stress. You also can apply lavender oil in hot water and breathed too.

8. lemon balm

lemon balm
It helps you calm down and release stress. Simple take a small amount when you feel it coming.

9. L-lysine supplements

L-lysine supplements
There is study showing that people who taking L-lysine supplements reducing chance of getting anxiety symptoms and reduce the level of stress in the body too.
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10. valerian

It is very useful for insomnia treatment, but it also can use to cure your anxiety, just take the capsule and you must not take before go to work because it will make you sleepy.

11. vitamin B

vitamin B
It helps prevent anxiety, simply taking eggs, milk, avocados and meat on the regular basis.

12. vitamin D

vitamin D
It helps decrease the symptoms of anxiety and depression, simply do outdoor activity during the morning and increase vitamin D level under the morning sun.

13. vitamin C

vitamin C
it lowers your stress level. It can be found in oranges.

14. whole grains

whole grains
Make your mood getting better and keep you calm.

15. no caffeine

no caffeine
Taking too much of caffeine can raise your stress level, if you can avoid coffee, it will be good for you, simply replace your morning coffee with green tea is the good choice.

Doctor Explains How to Stop a Panic Attack

Having panic attacks is not an easy task to deal with your daily life in the big society but what you can do it learning how to deal with it, that’s the only thing you can do, and you must do it just to make sure that you will live in a better life and have a happy life every day.


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