Are Bananas Good For A Diet?

are bananas good for a diet

Did you know  “Bananas” is not giving the same kind of energy to each type??? Are bananas good for a diet? When we think of fruits that are healthy and very popular among people who want to lose weight, the first and inevitable absolutely option is bananas. However, each banana spicy has its own nutritional content of a banana value given.

So, if you are thinking about diet then you should have banana in your diet plan, it give more benefit to your body.

What is the benefit of banana?

Bananas contain beta carotene, energy-rich sugar, natural supplements, these three types of elements and glucose combined with fiber. Bananas will add the energy to your body immediately.

Research has found that eating just two bananas provides enough energy. It can increase the effect of fully exercise for up to 90 minutes.

Bananas also have other benefits, such as, Photochemical that help slow aging, prevent cancer. Enzymes help with digestion of your stomach and intestines, decreased sweating. In raw bananas also has the effect of detox high toxic. For ripe bananas, it makes the body immune to higher than the normal state.

In addition, the banana contains of high a vitamin B-1 and B 2, which helps to speed up metabolism of sugar and fat. It also helps restoring the body from fatigue. It also contains potassium, which helps eliminate sodium out of your body as one of the main factors to make high blood pressure through urine output as a result, reduce swelling in the body.

The nutritional content of a banana in each species:

lady finger banana
Lady Finger banana –  50g

Energy – 56 kcal

Water – 36 g.

Dietary fiber – 1.0 g.

Beta carotene –  136 mcg.

Vitamin C – 5 mg.

Potassium – 135 mg.


pisang awak banana
Pisang Awak banana (known in Australia as ‘Ducasse’ and ‘Kayinja’ in Uganda) –  40g

Energy – 59 kcal

Water – 25 g.

Sugar – 9 g.

Dietary fiber – 0.9 g.

Beta carotene – 22 mcg.

Vitamin C – 4 mg.

Potassium –  128 mg.


cavendish banana
Cavendish banana –  100g

Energy – 120 kcal

water – NA

Sugar –  14 g.

Dietary fiber – 3.0 g.

Vitamin C – 17%

Potassium – NA.

Banana facts

* Banana first found in New Guinea in 8000 B.C.

* Banana is considered as a berry.

* Banana plant is classified as tree-like perennial herb.

* A bunch of banana is called a hand, and a single banana called a finger

* Species of banana is around 50.

* There are eatable and inedible types (wild banana) for humans but not to the animal such as bird.

* Banana mainly produced in tropical area and in some subtropical area of the Americans, Asia and Africa and Australia.

* Raw banana can be eaten or blending with other fruits, beside it can make it dried for keep it up longer.

Banana is an incredible fruit that you can imagine, easy to eat, eat to find and easy to store, help you lose weight, and you can make various menus with banana, and I hopefully. You can enjoy your diet meal with banana. You can make banana fruity, banana pancake and so on.

So, are bananas good for a diet?

Many people still asking that are bananas good for a diet, I would definitely say “YES”, banana could help you lose weight and you can enjoy your diet with banana diet recipe.

There are still many of what fruits help lose weight, you can enjoy eating fruit without being worry of gaining more fat and enjoy your diet.

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