Best Walking Plan for Weight Loss

best walking plan for weight loss

Walking for lose weight become very popular nowadays as it is an easy activity you can do, and it gives the perfect result, no equipment needed and here we are going to you how to make your walking perfectly produce the best result, this includes how many miles to walk for weight loss, how long to walk for weight loss, better to walk or run for weight loss and so on. Simply follow these few tips, and you will get the best result as you never see before.

My best walking plan for weight loss

1. Walk for 30 minutes – 1 hour per day

walk 10000 steps a day for weight loss
The results from the exercise depend upon the number and duration of the walk. Even walking is not hard work out and walking regularly is more effective than a long walks. For beginners, it should start walking slowly and became accustomed to the body after a while and then began to walk faster.

To lose weight typically, you should walk at a speed of 6 km/h for one hour and do it four times a week. There are many debates on when the body starts to burn fat, there are many opinions but in general, it will start burning fat after 20 minutes, more is better. Even you walk on the same distance, but the result may be different.

How many miles should I walk to lose weight on a treadmill?

However, the results of exercise may vary. It’s based on how fast of your walking and how you walk. If your goal is to walk 10000 steps a day for weight loss, four times a week, but cannot commit to the targets at once. I suggest you walk into the morning and evening for 40 minutes or split it into two sessions. However, if it is still difficult for you, then you should increase the frequency of walking steps.

The number of walking steps is more important than the pace and time, as already mentioned. If there is no time for walking, then you should make it 2 sessions of 20 minutes each and should walk whenever possible. If you normally drive a car, then you should take the bus or train, and you should walk up the stairs instead of using the elevator.

2. How to walk for better result

walk for better result

To wake up early and do exercise as habits will make your body accustomed to the morning and start the day with a light body. People who start the day with a workout will work more efficiently with more confident. Because work out in the morning will make autonomic nervous system become more active. If you do exercise in the morning and the nerves and the body are stimulated as a result, it will make you more productive.

In addition to walking in the morning to help you relieve anxiety, helps to relax and stimulate the brain.

The best time to walk for weight loss is 10 o’clock in the morning because you already wake up after a while, your body begins to relax. Your breakfast was small and to a certain extent. The digestive system works during this exercise and it stimulate the metabolism fundamental to rise, and the body starts burning fat out all day.

The morning walk is also a great impact on brain health. It increases muscle strength, increased durability and capacity of the lungs. It also helps to lose weight effectively. However, during this time, your body to relax. You should be adjusted to lower level of walking instead of normal walking. Not too hard during the cold. You must do a warm-up exercise to stretch the muscles and joints. This will help prevent injuries. If your city filled with air pollution, then you should protect with masks.
For patients with respiratory allergies such as asthma, should avoid morning exercise.

Heart patients, blood clots on the brain and high blood pressure, should have someone taking care while doing walks exercise.

3. Walking regularly every day

walk every day for weight loss
The most important thing for walking exercise is walking at the same time and trying to make your body get used to it and give the better result in physical exercise. But if you go too serious about and may cause your boredom, and you finally quit. Try to walk when you have free time is better. Walking on a regularly and every day is the most effective result you will get.

The best morning walking is fast walking for 30 minutes.

The best evening walking is 10 minutes of warm-up exercise and 50 minute of power walking.

If you wonder, better to walk or run for weight loss, I would say, it’s depended on your health condition and time you can give for your exercise, if you can mix those 2, then it will produce the best result. Run for 1 minute and walk for 5 minutes and make it minimum of 4 sets per day.

Tip basic rules of walk to lose weight fast

*using public transport instead of private cars
* walk to the bus stop or talking to the train
* use the stairs instead of the elevator and escalators
* make time for walking to your work, at least 30 minutes of walking
* should walk a distance of three kilometers per day

Walk minimum of 40 mins per day to lose weight

There is many work out to lose weight and there are many ways immeasurable but why lose weight by walking. Walking is something that everyone, whether male or female, children or adult’s favorite. The failure rate is low or gives up on halfway. Do not be afraid to exercise and do hard enough will adversely affect your health. The cost was high and walks effectively to lose weight as well.


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