Best ways to relief from bloating

relief from bloating

Having been bloating situation will make you feel very uncomfortable and pain, it likes heavy and having a full of water and gas in your stomach, and here we are going to give you the best advice on how to relief from bloating with home remedy and how to prevent bloating for future attack.

There are around 30% of Americans face this situation, and some say it’s very normal to them but when it occurs, it produces paid and hard to breath, very bad, isn’t it?

When bloating occurs, you will feel deep pain in your stomach, and sometime you may feel paid at the left side of your chest.

If you feel like this, then you are in bloating situation, and I highly recommended using home remedy to relief that pain from bloating.

What cause bloating?

19 ways to relief from bloating

1. Alpha-galactosidase
This is an over counter bloating drug you can try. You can find any pharmacy, and it really helps you to reduce gas in your stomach and relief bloating pain.

2. Buttermilk
It reduces heavy feeling in your stomach.
Simply take a cup of butter milk and mix with a teaspoon of pepper powder and cumin powder, then drink it.

3. Caraway
It helps with your digest problems.
Simply put a teaspoon of caraway seeds and a cup of boiled water, leave it for 10 minutes and drink it.

4. Cinnamon
It reduces pressure of gas in your stomach.
Simply take a cinnamon tea with hot water is a great way to deal with.

5. Chamomile
It fritters away the gas in your stomach.
Simply take a chamomile tea is the easy way of relieving gas in your stomach.

6. Cumin
It helps reducing gas in your belly.
To use this, you need to boil a teaspoon of cumin seed in a cup of water about 10 minutes and then lets it cool and drinks the water.

7. Dill
It reduces flatulence in your stomach.
Easy way is taking a small dill pickle and then waits for a while, to see if relief or not, then you can take another dill pickle; the max is 3.

8. Ginger
It is a good herb from treaded of digestive problems, including bloating. It speeds up your digestion process.
Ginger is fine for you, and drinks it when it warmly is the better taste and healthier.

9. Green Tea
Green Tea
It helps your body relax and cure your digest problems too.
Simply take green tea when you feel having gas in your stomach, besides that green tea help you lose weight too.

10. Fennel
It helps your body pass out the gas out from the body system so you will feel relief from bloating.
You can make fennel tea, or simply chew fennel as you want, neither way will help you from bloating pain.

11. Kefir
It will reduce flatulence in your stomach, simply drink Kefir to relief gas bloating, easy right?

12. Kimchi
It helps reduce gas in your stomach and improve your digestion system.
Simply take a small amount of kimchi each time.

13. Miso
It helps improving your digest system.
Simply take miso soup your help your gas situation relief.

14. Mint
It also includes basil, peppermint and spearmint. It helps pass out gas in your stomach.
Simply chew a fresh mint or basil leaf, you also can make a hot mint or basil tea and drink it warm.

15. Nutmeg
It helps reduce pain, and relief digests problems.
Simply apply nutmeg oil on your stomach and does a litter massage will be good too.

16. Oregano
It can kill bacteria that cause bloating.
Simply take a capsule of oregano oil, and you are good to go.

17. Parsley
It helps relieving flatulence in your belly and speeds up your digest system.
Simply steeping parsley with your favorite tea.

18. Wintergreen
It treats your digest problems.
Simply take wintergreen oil with hot water or put in your favorite tea is also fine.

19. Yogurt
It improves digest system and prevents from gas bloating in your stomach.
Simply take yogurt every day can help you with bloating situation and also improve your digest system and stay healthy.

Reduce bloating in 5 minutes

8 ways to prevent bloating

1. Don’t eat too much at the same time

When you eat too much, it will have less space in your belly but the digestion will produce gas and when it has less space but more gas producing so it will be trigger bloating.

2. Avoid your allergy food

Allergy food also makes your body goes wrong and also produces lots of gas in your stomach.

3. Avoid gas drink

Gas drink will produce more gas in your stomach, so you should avoid them and this includes carbonated beverages too.

4. Avoid gas food

You should avoid food that produces more gas in your body like garlic, onion and so on.

5. Avoid alcoholic drink

Alcoholic drink also can cause you bloating, if you must go with the party, and you must drink it, just take a bit of it or replace with pure water.

6. Avoid sugar-free gum

You must not be taking any candy and gun that contains artificial sweeteners. It doesn’t digest properly, and it may trigger bloating.

7. Avoid bloating foods

These foods will produce more gas in your stomach in you should avoid it, such as beans, carrots, cabbage, prunes and whole grains.

8. Don’t hurry eating

The best way to eat is eating and chews slowly and no hurry. The more hurry you while eating your food, the more gas will produce, and it will trigger bloating easily.

There is still much food that you should avoid, take a look at reflux avoid food.

You can use the above information to help your relief from bloating, and also you must consider the ways to prevent bloating so you will not encounter bloating again.


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