Does 1 Minute Workout Really Work?

1 minute workout

No time to work out? No Excuse!!! We have the 1 minute workout for you to try. Just give 1 minute to do work out every day, and you will get the good result as 45 minutes of doing moderate exercise.
Do you believe it, just one minute workout can give you six pack and lose weight too?

In this busy world and everybody has no time to work out, but you should know that exercise is good to your health, exercise good to your heart and bring you a healthy body which you can’t buy with your money but you can simply get by doing exercise and with 1 minute per day, you still can do it.

The insanity workout and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) have become very popular because with less time spend on doing work out and produces the excellent result, who doesn’t want to try it, do less time but give the better result.

This one-minute workout is backed with research, the study conduct at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

They take 25 fat men and make to 3 groups. They do exercise and workout 3 times per week.

#1 – this group doing only normal exercise

#2 – this group rode a stationary bike for 45 minutes of moderate intensity

#3 – this group doing 10 minutes of insanity workout as follows
– warm-up workout for 2 minutes
– sprint work out for 20 second
– recovery workout for 2 minutes
– sprint work out for 20 second
– recovery workout for 2 minutes
– sprint work out for 20 second
– cool down workout for 3 minutes

Total insanity workout (sprint) is 1 minutes

After 12 weeks of research, the group #3 shows more improve in any terms like oxygen consumption, endurance and insulin resistance, which show that insanity workout mix with slow workout gives the better result, and you spend less time on workout.

From the research, the total workout time is 10 minutes, 1 minutes is just the sprint workout, so you must not confuse, but you still can do 1 minute exercise and workout, simply mix with many workouts and make it at least 10 minutes.

Top 1 minute workout and exercise at home

Here is my top recommended of workout you can try at home just 1 minute each exercise, and you can it all at once and repeat as you like.

1 Minute Ab Workout

1 Minute Lower Ab Exercises

1 Minute Lower Abs Exercises – Part 2

1 Minute Butt Exercise

1 Minute Leg Workout

1 Minute Max Workout

My best recommended 10 minutes workout

Doing work out 1 minute is a good start, but if you can add more minutes of slow workout and mix with 1 minute of high-intensity workout, then it will give you the better result.

Just remember you must do exercise at least 3 times per week if you want to maintain your weight and stay healthy, but you want you to lose weight. You need to push more and eat fewer calories by diet, more time workouts and do it every day with no excuse, only that you will lose weight within a few weeks.


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