How easiest most effective diet to follow help lose 10 pounds in a week!

easiest most effective diet to follow

Looking for the easiest most effective diet to follow? Lose weight in a short time is very difficult, and it seems to be possible for obese individuals but this is a way , every problems have the solution, and the real problem is yourself, how hard you try and never give up the key to your success and in this post, we are going to talk about the easiest most effective diet to follow so it will be your guide throughout the day.

There are various diet plan posts on the Internet, some work, some don’t, some hard to follow and some may harm your body. I have tried most of them and here are my best simple diets that work.

I have tried this diet plan myself and help me lose 11 pounds within a week so, I just want to share to you since it works for me, and hopefully it will work for you too.

Here is my easiest most effective diet to follow, I made it to nine parts.

#1 Before breakfast

This part is before my breakfast one hour, after I brush my teeth, I drink lemon with warm water, simply squeeze a fresh lemon into a glass of warm water and drink on the empty stomach. This will help your metabolism and do detox at the same time.

#2 Breakfast

After one hour of part #1, now it’s time for my breakfast, I take only fruit for breakfast.

It can be any fruit you like, but my favorites are an apple, a banana, an orange and a slice of papaya.

And many people asking are bananas good for a diet? I would say YES.

You can enjoy mixing of all fruit in the blender and make a smoothie. That’s what I always do with my diet.

Alternatively, just choose one each day and eat the different fruit on another day, this way you can avoid eating the same fruit.

You must remember this, do not eat too much, just one apple for breakfast is enough.

#3 Snack time

You can take fresh season salad at this time.

But I drink a glass of green tea.

#4 Lunch

I take the Mediterranean chicken wrap for lunch. It’s really good in taste.

You can have a sliced of cooked meat or cooked chicken with salad. If you have no time, simply take a cup of low-fat yogurt is enough.

#5 Snack time

I drink fruit juice for snack time after lunch, and sometimes I replace with green tea by following the green tea diet plan lose weight fast.

#6 Workout time

I do my work out everyday at least 25 minutes a day after back from work. It helps me release stress, which cause your hunger, besides that work out make your body stronger and the most important is burning fat.

I do Shaun T’s FOCUS T25 workout. It’s very effective, less time and burn out more with just 25 minutes a day.

If you are bored, I suggest you try social exercise, jogging in the park with friend. If  you have no friend, simply move yourself into the park and running or start with walking, I am sure you will make new friend, this is the social benefits of exercise, just need to be at the right place and the right time.

#7 Dinner

I eat two boiled egg with veggie salad and add some olive oil in the salad. My favorite veggie salad is cucumber salad.

You can make any veggie salad, add some olive oil  with two boiled egg.

Please remember, the boiled egg should be hard, and the dinner should be before 6. 00pm.

#8 After dinner

This is your time to prepare before bedtime.

I drink green tea during this time, and sometimes just pure water.

Green tea help you burn fat. That’s why I choose to drink green tea during this time.

Simply take one liter of warm water and three bags of green tea, drink it before bedtime.

Just take a cup each time, do not drink the whole green tea at once.

#9 Sleep

Sleep is another factor that helps you lose weight. Your body needs rest, relax and recover. That’s why sleep is very important. Your body will start to recover during your sleep and while drinking green tea before bed time, your body still burning fat during sleep. This is my secret key to lose weight in a short time.

You should go to bed earlier, at most 10.00 pm.

You should sleep for eight hours per day. You will be fresh in the morning and ready for your diet plan in the next day.

However, this best and effective diet for weight loss 10 pounds in a week, you should do only for at most two weeks.

This is only good for whom that want to lose weight fast for PROM or any important event. You can use for your win to THE BIGGEST LOSER too. I don’t mind. It works for me and hopes you too.

best simple diets that work

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