Goldie Hawn Age Defying Secrets and Diet Secret

goldie hawn age defying secrets

If you know Goldie Hawn then you know she has the perfect body at younger age, and now she is almost 70 years old but she is having a good-looking body with strong and healthy one, and here we are going to reveal Goldie Hawn age defying secrets and diet secret.

Goldie Hawn  becomes famous when she won an academy award for her performance in Cactus Flower, and then later on, she received an Oscar nomination for Private Benjamin.

She has got three kids and one of them is Kate Hudson. She got her mother look, and her mother diet secret also passes to her.

Kate Hudson

Goldie Hawn age defying secrets

Now, let’s talk about her secret on diet, exercise, workout and what she does to stay healthy at this age.

#1 Simple and light meal

For her, is very simple, she always has a light and simple meal every day.

You can be easy follow the way of eating. She loves to eat green. It means fresh fruits and vegetables.

She loves to make juice for her meal, and she doesn’t eat too much of food. It really helps in digest system.

She always selects what she wants to eat, for example, if she wants to have protein, then she chooses to eat a bowl of lentils.

#2 Serious on exercise

She does exercise and work out every day, just to make sure she won’t miss a day on exercise.

Even she doesn’t have much time for full set of workout. She tries to walk around her place, do some squeeze in a quick interval session or do whatever that can make her sweat.

She always stays positive and being active every single day.

“If I don’t have an hour, I’ll do 15-minute intervals,” Hawn says.

The major problem about eating habit, we do not feel full when eating, the main problem is stress.

And here is how she deals with stress.

She makes her own way of living styles and that is very useful, so she passes those goldie hawn age defying secret’s legacy of her healthy lifestyle to her own children, this is very good to have parented like this.


– She always eats light food, and she loves to make juice from fresh fruit and vegetable.

– She does exercise every day, no miss.

– Stay relax, stress release

– She stays being active every day.


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