HCG Injection Dosage For Weight Loss : Obese People Should Read Before Taking Action

hcg injection dosage for weight loss

Thinking of hcg injection dosage for weight loss? If you are obese then I suggest you read this before to look for hcg injections near me!

With the trend of being skinny becoming so prevalent nowadays, the last thing people would want to look like is pudgy, chubby, fat or worse, obese. Almost everyone wants to look at least lean, sexy or anything but fat. It’s already hard enough for plump looking men and women to lose weight, how much harder could it be for those who are obese?

A popular solution being offered right now in the market is the HCG injection. Shots that contain HCG hormones that help control the hypothalamus part of your brain which in turn is responsible for controlling your metabolic rate. With this, a low calorie diet of at least 500 should also be maintained. For obese people, this might come off as a too good to be true solution considering the past failed efforts on other diet programs that they have probably gone through. But with the HCG injections positive feedbacks from its users, it well worth a try at least and maybe, just maybe, this diet program will actually work for the obese.

Not all diet programs will fit everybody out there and that includes the HCG injections. Though this is ideal for people who want to lose weight, one of them being the obese people, many factors will affect how the HCG injections will react to the body’s hormones and how effective the product will be on their weight loss.

Before you do anything inclduing seaching for where to get hcg shots for weight loss, one has to know that there are two ways to administer the HCG injections. First is intramuscular where the HCG injections will be injected into the part of the body where muscles reside. Second is the subcutaneous where it will be injected just below the layer of the skin next to the dermis and the epidermis which is the cutis. Now in connection to HCG injections, a study was conducted in accordance to the Declaration of Helsinki among 24 Chinese women where half of them were obese and half of them non-obese. In the study, all of them where given the HCG hormones through HCG injections subcutaneously and intramuscular on separate periods. First observation was that the results showed that the injections administered subcutaneously were significantly slower than those administered intramuscular. For subcutaneous, slow absorption was due to the fat layer making it hard for the HCG injection to reach the muscle. As for intramuscular, absorption was faster since only a small layer of fat was before the muscle. Second observation was that of in comparison of the results of both obese and non-obese woman, the former showed slower absorption of the HCG compared to the latter regardless of the method of injection. They have concluded then that intramuscular injections were far more effective than subcutaneous injections in the absorption of the HCG hormones by people regardless of weight.

What Every Man Should Know About HCG

In conclusion, the absorption of HCG hormones through the use of HCG injections will mostly likely be delayed for obese people compared to those who are not. This is because obese people possess a thicker layer of fat in their bodies making it hard to absorb to HCG hormones regardless of what method of injection will be used. If you are obese, don’t worry just yet. HCG injections can still be used provided that you should lose weight naturally. Not dramatically of course as this is a very hard mission for those who are struggling with obesity. Effort and discipline such as eating the right food and exercising regularly is the first step. This is also a great way to practice oneself into healthy eating and active living by starting as early as even before taking the HCG injections. When capable to use the HCG injections already, half of the battle has already been won considering the hunger and weakness that won’t occur thanks to the HCG hormones or hcg injection dosage for weight loss.

To add to that, since metabolic weight is faster and hunger or appetite is suppressed, losing weight will be easy and fast; and chances of having a heart disease, which most obese people suffer, will decrease. This may sound like a typical advice for the overweight but it is just but one step towards what could be waiting for you once you are able to use the HCG injections already, dramatic weight loss and a great feeling of satisfaction.


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