Easy Slim Eating Healthy : Healthy Foods to Lose Weight

Healthy Foods to Lose Weight

You may have heard of eating healthy food helping you lose weight fast but what are they? You may just know a bit about healthy food, like eat low calorie food, and eat vegetable and what more?

Here, I am gonna explain and get into the details of healthy foods to lose weight, you will understand by just this one post on healthy food helping lose weight fast, how?

First of all, what is healthy food actually?

According to Wikipedia, as it says “Health food is food considered to be beneficial to health in ways that go beyond a normal healthy diet required for human nutrition. Because there is no precise, authoritative definition from regulatory agencies such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, different dietary practices can be considered healthy depending on context”.

The terms of healthy, it contains of natural foods and organic which are included dietary supplements.

A good way of staying healthy, not by consuming one group of food like eat only vegetable the whole month. You will get bored easily and that one group of food can’t provide all what human body needed to obtain a good health.

Here are group of healthy food you should focusing on:-

Whole grains

Whole grains are good for diet, which contain of minerals vitamins and rich in fiber, which is good for losing weight.

The foods that produce by whole grains are cereals, breads and pasta but not all are produced by whole grains. You may need to look at the list of ingredients of that particular products, just look for wholegrain or whole.

And, we should consume at least 3 ounces of whole grains per day as according to United States Dept. of Agriculture (USDA).


Another important group for diet is protein, it rich in minerals and vitamins. It helps in repairing of tissue in the body system and also helping in building the muscle.

I strong you consume protein from fish, beans, eggs, nuts and soya. Stay away from meat. If you like to eat meat, you may need to take away all fat and drain after cooking.

Fruit and vegetables

This group of foods is highly recommended if you want to lose weight fast but you may need to select what to eat and what not to.

Stay away from fruit that high in sugar and cholesterol like durian.

What I recommend are orange, apple banana and strawberry. You also can make juice with those fruit too.

If you can eat more veggies is better than fruit because veggies have less calorie than some fruit.

The green veggies is highly recommended, you can make salad with fish or whatever menu you like, search for diet meal plus your ingredient, you will get free diet menu in Google search for example “diet meal”+”fish”, another source to look for free diet menu is Youtube.

Fat and sugar

This one, you should avoid and if you can’t get at minimum as you can.

To be success in weight loss with healthy eating, not just selecting what you eat, and the way of cooking that food is also another factor that producing fat and calorie.

What you need is find the way of cooking that make less fat and calorie, it’s called “healthy cook”.

Here are some healthy cooks you should try:-

# Baking

# Braising

# Broiling and grilling

# Poaching

# Roasting

# Sauteing

# Steaming

# Stir-frying

# Using herbs, spices

Now, you know the way to make healthy meal, you can cook the healthy meal by yourself, simply look for diet menu on Google search or Youtube.

Most of diet menu, it explains all ingredient contains, how to cook, what you need to prepare and how much calorie you take by eating this particular meals.

Eating healthy, just a way of helping in lose weight fast and get slim like superstar, you need to take fewer calories into your body system and burn more calorie out so that you will get slim fast.

Just do the match, you take in 500 calorie and you need to burn out more than 500 calorie for that day.

So, how healthy eating helps in weight lose fast then?

By healthy foods, it contain less calorie with the food you eat, depends on type of food and the way of healthy cook, plus the containment of the foods you eat. If it contains more fiber, it really helps in lose weight but if it contains more sugar or fat, it will produce more calorie and fat in your body system.

And, comes to this point, if you what to burn out more fat, you can burn them by doing exercise.

As summary, healthy food contains of fewer calories and if you want to burn more, do some exercise.


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