How to get motivated to work out and lose weight

how to get motivated to work out and lose weight

Struggling with weight loss motivation? Looking for the best way on how to get motivated to work out and lose weight? You are at the right place. You can’t archive your goal in losing weight without motivation, and you need it, maybe by reading motivational weight loss books daily or daily motivation for weight loss. It’s really worked for me.

Why most people fail in losing weight?

Before continue our reading on how to get motivated to work out and lose a weight topic, I want to show you that why the most people fail in losing weight:

  • Most people want the fast results

Everybody wants to see the good result fast and does crazy diet stuff in order to get slim faster, you should know that this way is harming your body and in the long run, it will do more harm to your body than bring the good stuff.

So, I strong advice, please do not do crazy diet stuff if you want to get the slim with healthy body.

I suggest you try basil seeds weight loss, eating the healthy diet food like diet coke chicken chinese 5 spice or follow this celeb secret on goldie hawn age defying secrets. It’s the healthy way to conquer your weight lose outcome.

  • Lose way (Not being motivated)

To maintain your current weight, you should do exercise or workout minimum of 20 minutes per time, at a minimum of three times per week.

And if you want to lose weight, you should do exercise or workout minimum of 40 minutes per time to the minimum of five days per week and every week continuously.

At this point, I strongly suggest you do exercise the everyday minimum of one hours per day if you really want to lose weight and WHAT you need is HIGHLY MOTIVATION.

It’s simple math, eat less and burn more.

  • You do your eat less with the healthy diet plans.
  • You do your burn more by doing exercise and workout.

If you can do these two steps, then I am sure you will be the success in losing weight and get a slim body.

And just not forget you need to be highly motivated in order to stay on the track and follow your diet plan and workout schedule.

Why am I not motivated to lose weight?

There are many reasons you are not motivated enough to lose weight,

* Holiday

You will enjoy your holiday, hang out with your friend and family, no time to do your daily diet and exercise stuff.

Alternatively, you may go on vacation and when you come back, you still feel tired or in the HOLIDAY mode and feel LAZY to get start again.

* Party

Party makes you forget your diet plan, and you will enjoy your eating.

Keep reminding yourself you are on diet mode, and you should stay on it.

However, most people say, just forget and ignore for this time and enjoy the moment situation.

And what’s next, you eat more of bad stuff according to diet plan like, sweet drink, cake and so son.

Once you are back from the party, you may feel tired and want to get the rest so you skip your weight lose plan.

* Sick or accident

You can avoid this but if it happens to you, you need to get rest and recover as fast as you can.

This situation may take time to recover, and once you stop your weight lose plan and it’s hard to get off the track.

* Jobless

Being a jobless, you will have more time to do exercise and diet stuff, but you may not being so motivated as your brain is thinking about money, check out here how this guy earning big with easy simple step.

All those excuse reasons can be gone by being MOTIVATED.

How to get motivated to work out and lose weight?

Now, let’s get to the details on motivating in doing exercise to lose weight.

  • Finding a workout partner

This is the easy way to motivate, having work out partner will motivate each other and keep reminding you to stay on the track.

Besides that, you still can get advice, discuss your problem and get the personal advice.

This is really worked for me as me and my sister, we are doing together, help each other throughout the process.

  • Reading motivational weight loss books or magazine

You can get the new idea and being motivated from reading book and magazine.

I learn the new stuff from most of the diet and work out magazine. I read it after finish my workout, we need to take some rest before taking a shower. Your body needs to cool down before taking a shower, just do it for your healthy body and this is what I am doing, I take the rest about 30 minutes and reading the books or magazine, sometimes I chit chats with a friend before a leave for take  a shower.

These are my reading books.

* Weight Loss Motivation: Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

* The Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook: Eat Even More Food and Lose Even More Weight

* Weight Watchers: The Ultimate Weight Watchers Guide To Lose Weight, Boost Metabolism & Feel Great!

* Clean Eating: Healthy Whole Food Recipes – Increase Energy And Lose Weight Without Dieting!

  • Be inspire by daily motivation quote for weight loss

Everybody is using Facebook now and this is what I do, I join most weight loss groups, to get motivated, read the new stuff on weight loss and meet others who are having the same goal in losing weight.

Here are some of my Facebook groups that I join.






Besides, I also watch some motivation on Youtube and subscribe to some channel!



  • Make plan and keep the record

Make your personal workout schedule and keep the record, keep track of workout in one place.

You can do with your phone, install apps that keep record of your plan.

With a plan, you can follow to the plan, know what you need to next and when the exact time.

  • Do it in a FUN way

Boring workout, do the same stuff will make you get bored.

Open music while doing work out can help your with that.

Change type of exercise or doing various of workout also can help you with that.

What I do is, I do Yoga on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And I do the cardio workout on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

  • Shopping for new clothes

After a month of workout, you should take time off for a day, go relax and do shopping for your new looks.

Try to look for small clothes, choose one that you think you can wear it in the next 3 months, buy it and make your COMMITMENT.

Hang in your room where you can see it clearly, and with this, I am sure you will get some motivation.

  • Follow the celebrity weight loss blog

Get the new stuff in the weight loss world, look for celebrity weight loss blog, follow them on twitter, Facebook, instagram  and so on.

I follow this one, she offers the real deal with useful tip on her blog.

With this updated of your favorite celeb doing work out and diet stuff, you will get to inspire and make you stay on the track.

That’s what I do every day on how to get motivated to work out and lose weight to boost up my motivation and keep doing diet and weight loss stuff and be the success at the end of the day, and hope you too.


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