Get Plat Stomach with Miley Cyrus Weight Loss Secrets

Miley Cyrus Weight Loss Secrets

Recently, a shock news about Miley Cyrus posting on YouTube is about Miley Cyrus: Makin' Out with Hot Victoria's Secret Model Stella Maxwell, but here we are not talking about that Gossip. In this post, it will be on miley cyrus weight loss secrets, what does she do to get a good looking body with flat stomach.

Miley Cyrus: Makin' Out with Hot Victoria's Secret Model Stella Maxwell

Miley cyrus weight loss secrets is Pilates, she hired personal trainer Mari Winsor to help her get her goal and with that, it help her get flat stomach as she wants beside that she gets improvement of her posture,  sculpt great abs too.

Do you know how often she goes to pilates classes? It's almost every day, she often show off her daily pics of leaving pilates classes.

Still wonder what is miley cyrus weight loss secrets truly are?

miley cyrus weight loss

Pilates is just one of her favorite, the key is miley cyrus workout routine.

Mari Winsor, who is her personal trainer said that she mostly focus on fitness routine, which are waist, buttocks, running and work out six time a week.

But how pilates her she success in weight loss and get perfect slim body? Pilates helps in strengthen of her  abs and with that it helps get work done faster.

She enjoys flat abs pilates and combine with lower body pilates. She does the 100, double leg stretch and criss cross.

The 100s

The Double Leg Stretch

The Criss Cross

Beside working out routine, she also does diet.

Here are miley cyrus diet secrets

1. Eat 5 small portion of foods meals a day.

2. Do count calories each time taking meal so will know of how much calories you have taken into.

3. Eat carbs for energy and having a good mood

4. Take a small of dark chocolate two times a week, which is help in burning fat and increase metabolism.

5. Eat fruits sugar, not the processed sugar.

She does gluten-intolerant nutritionist to keep her both gluten and dairy which is keeping those abs looking good!

miley cyrus weight loss secrets

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The most important of miley cyrus weight loss secrets is her motivation, keep doing, get motivated  push yourself or get help with friend buddy until you reach your goal.


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