What Fruits Help Lose Weight Fast?

what fruits help lose weight

If you want to lose weight fast in the organic way, you can simply try out with fruit. In this article, we will talk about what fruits help lose weight. Fruit contains of high in fiber, which is helped in losing weight fast and what fruit is good for losing weight that may help you a short cut in fast diet and lose weight way if you eat the right fruit, good isn’t it?

Diet is good for lose weight; it helps you control the calorie intake and exercise helping you lose weight fast by burning your fat out plus gaining of extra being healthy  and make your health getting stronger, besides that what you eat is a major factor in lose weight fast.

As diet, it controls the calorie intake of a calorie while exercise is the way to burning out the fat in your body system, and most of the fruit contains of low in sugar and no fat, so it really help your intake low calorie into your body system. Some fruit may contain high in sugar and fat too. So what fruit is good for weight loss, what you need to do is selected which one should eat and which one should avoid.

You may read and already understand more on the best way to lose weight fast with various ways, but here we are talking about what fruits help lose weight and by knowing what fruit you should eat will help you achieve in fast diet goal faster than the normal way.

Do you know that, the majority of people assume that all fruit is good for diet, and they always eat their favorite one and still complaint why I eat this fruit and I still gain weight, if you are one of them, then I strongly suggest you read this short post and get the positive idea and know what exactly you need to do about fruit when it comes to the diet.

Factors on what fruits help lose weight

Burning fat

It should contain low sugar in order to activate burning fat process burn more fat than the normal process as you consume more sugar; it will burn sugar first then will burn fat later. So, the best way is eating more fruit with low sugar as possible.

High in Fiber

Fiber in fruit is another key in helping human digest system to lose weight fast. SO, just look for food that contains rich in fiber, not all fruit contains of high in fiber, so only selected to consume fruit with high in fiber will help you in the process of losing weight fast.

Preventing muscle loss

Most people may ignore this as the main factor, they are thinking of loses weight while eating some fruit or doing some crazy diet stuff like hcg injection dosage for weight loss, but actually they are losing some muscle not fat, and in the long run you will get YO-YO effect in the future, so you should concern this and eat fruit that contains more in protein, potassium and magnesium.

As the summary, you need to consume the fruits that contain of low in sugar, high in fiber and a little consist of protein, potassium and magnesium.

Now, let’s take a look at what fruit is good for losing weight.

Here are lists of what fruit is good for weight loss

By eating the right fruits will help you lose weight fast, let’s discover and eat those fruits.

#1 Raspberries


If you want high in fiber, low in sugar and low in calories, then I suggest you eat this fruit. It contains of 6.50 mf of fiber, but it has only 52 of calories and 4.42 of sugar.

#2 Strawberries


It consists of low in sugar and calories, which is good on fast diet.

Do you know that, a cup of strawberries  will give you only 50 calories, so you intake only a few calorie by eating this fruit but you burn more than what you take.

#3 Blackberries


This one contains of high in magnesium and potassium. It also contains low in sugar and calories. If you do not want to lose some muscle and this one is recommend fruit for you.

#4 Apples


It is a high recommend fruit for everyone; you will get low sugar of 10.39gm and calories of 52. It also contains of high fiber.

#5 Avocados


This fruit consists of high fiber and high in fat; it has fiber of 6.70gm but it is high in calories but it contains of high of vitamin E. It has calories of 160 and lowest sugar of only 0.66. Besides, this fruit contains of high potassium of 485.

#6 Papaya


A medium-sized papaya consists of 120 calories, and it has only 18gm of sugar. It is a good fruit for lose weight fast. It helps in burning fat more than usual. It also contains of low potassium magnesium.

#7 Orange


It contains of high in Vitamin C and rich in fiber.

#8 Grapefruit


It contains high of water which helps increase feelings of fullness besides, it also provides only a few calories contains in each.

And, there are still more fruits you can consume to help you in losing weight, just read below what you should eat and what amount per meal.

How much you should eat fruit each meal?

– 1 apple, orange or the same size of fruit

– 1/2 of avocados

– 1 cupful of berries fruits like blackberries, cherries and so on

– 1 glass of fruit juice, it can be any fruit but recommended the above mentioned fruits

– 1 slice of papaya and pineapple

So, now you know what fruit you should eat, how much amount per meal, you can mix up with veggies to avoid getting bored.

You may wonder are bananas good for a diet? Yes, they are. But not all banana is good for diet and eatable,  banana contain of beta carotene, natural supplements  and energy-rich sugar, these three types of ingredients and glucose combined with fiber. It makes perfect stuff for diet, but not too much of banana in your diet.

And you need to reduce stress in doing weight lose process by getting sweat, try work out, joking, walking with dogs, play tennis with buddy, swim with friend and playing yoga with family or do whatever you like just to make you get sweat. It really helps your lose weight process in the long run.

Now you know what fruits help lose weight and choose wisely and put them in your diet plan, it will help you lose weight faster than you imagine.


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